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Informações sobre a viagem


valid passport

health insurance (travel)

plugs and voltage: 


plugs in 3 patterns:

tomada italia.png


there aren't any mandatory vaccines to enter italy

Traveling by car

The easiest way to get around Tuscany is by car.

Escape the fines! 

sim, elas chegam no Brasil...

On the road: 

We recommend using the Waze or Google Maps app along with the Radarbot app.

If you see a sign that says AUTO VELOX - be alert: it's a speed camera!

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In town: 

Some Italian streets, especially in historic centers, are called ZTL (Zona traffico limitato), which means only authorized vehicles are allowed to enter. You may be fined if you drive there without permission. Therefore, look for parking and enjoy the area on foot!

Paying tolls in Italy

When you encounter toll signage:

  1. First, you will take a ticket that indicates the road you are entering (for example, road A1).

  2. When exiting this road, you'll pass through another toll point: insert the ticket you received at the beginning and then use your credit/debit card or cash.

The entire process is automated, and there are very few tolls with manned booths. If you have any questions, click the "Serve Aiuto?" button.


Whenever you are parking your car, make sure to check for any signs indicating payment and the presence of a nearby payment kiosk.

When parking spaces are marked with blue lines, it's 100% certain that payment is required (for spaces marked with white lines, double-check).

At the payment kiosk, simply select the amount of time you'll be parked (using the blue "+" symbol or typing directly on the keypad).

Depending on the machine, you may also need to enter your vehicle's license plate. Insert your credit/debit card or cash, and a ticket will be issued (which you can place on your car's windshield)


Attention pickpocket! 

In places with greater circulation and a high volume of people, pay attention to your belongings (avoid leaving your cellphone/wallet in your pockets and your bag on your back).

Pickpockets are typically in groups, with backpacks and coats in hand.

do not leave your luggage inside your car if it's parked in the streets. There has been an increase of luggage thefts in europe. 

Planning your trip
Travel agencies
(to help you with plane tickets, car rental and travel itinerary) 

TZ Viagens (Consolação) 
+55 11 99666-0552 (Claudia)

English-speaking assistance is also available.

Rota dos Ventos
+55 11 98588-4900 (Claudinei)

Car Rental 
Transfer, itineraries, tours and tourist guides

Tuscany Travelers

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